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1. Spare Parts and Accessories

a. Can I buy spare parts or accessories?

Answer: Yes, spare parts or accessories can be purchased.

b. Where and how can I buy spare parts or accessories?

Answer: We have distributors in Germany. Please contact us for details, and we will recommend a nearby seller for you, or you can buy directly from us (shipping cost not included).

2. Care and Battery Maintenance

a. Are ADDVIEW lights waterproof?

Answer: Yes, ADDVIEW lights are waterproof, but the specific waterproof rate varies.

b. If the light is dirty, can I clean it with water?

Answer: Yes, short-time water flushing will not damage it.

c. If I have stored the battery for a long period, do I need to recharge it?

Answer: Please recharge it once every 3 months while storing to improve battery service life.

d. How many charging cycles can I expect from the battery?

Answer: 500 charging cycles.

3. Analysis of Frequently Asked Product Problems

a. The light cannot be turned on, is it broken?

Answer: Please check if the battery is functioning properly.

b. Why can't the battery be charged?

Answer: Ensure that the charging cable is properly connected.

c. Why doesn't the on/off switch work?

Answer: Check the battery and any settings in the app.

d. Why does the battery life become shorter?

Answer: Regular charging and maintenance are important for battery life.

4. Maintenance/Warranty/Shipping Costs

a. What costs should I bear if the product is under warranty?

Answer: You only need to bear the shipping cost of sending out, and the seller will bear the cost of sending the repaired product back to you.

b. What costs should I bear if the product is out of warranty?

Answer: You need to bear the maintenance cost and all the shipping costs.

5. Warranty

How long is the warranty on Addview products?

Answer: 2 years. Even after the warranty period, we offer generous support.

6. Product Availability

How can I check the availability of a product?

Answer: Our webshop is regularly updated. Contact us by phone or email.

7. Product Maintenance

How do I maintain my Addview products?

Answer: We recommend cleaning with a soft cloth and some water. Avoid alcohol-based cleaners and high-pressure washers.

8. StVZO Approval

Do I need a StVZO approved light?

Answer: In Germany, according to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung, StVZO), bicycle lighting must meet specific requirements to be approved. If you are cycling on public roads, you need to use StVZO-approved lighting. Here are some key requirements for bicycle lamps under the StVZO:


a. Front Light: The front light must emit white light and be adjusted so that it does not dazzle other road users.


b. Rear Light: The rear light must emit red light and be clearly visible.


c. Reflectors: In addition to the lights, reflectors are mandatory – white at the front, red at the rear, and on the pedals and wheels.

d. Power and Visibility: The lights must be powerful enough to adequately illuminate the path in front of the bicycle and ensure that the bicycle is clearly visible to other road users.

e. Functionality: The lighting must continue to work even when the bicycle is stationary (e.g., at a traffic light), which is usually ensured by a dynamo or battery.

Using non-StVZO-compliant lighting can not only be dangerous but also result in fines. Therefore, it is important to check for StVZO approval when purchasing bicycle lamps. This approval is usually indicated on the packaging or the product itself.