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Illumina has a compact design and is with high silicone tenacity. Illumina also has a long and competitive battery burning time(≥240 hours) to make sure cyclists can enjoy riding bikes without worrying about the remaining battery. It fits almost every bicycle due to the flexible rubber fastening strap.
Model name Illumina front Illumina rear
Light output 15lumen 4lumen
Beam range 22.2-31.8mm 22.2-31.8mm
Light source LED*1 LED*1
Battery CR2032x2 CR2032x2
Max burning time 240hrs 240hrs
Material ABS+Silicone ABS+Silicone
Weight 25g 25g
Dimension(WxHxL) 45x32x28mm 45x32x28mm
Compliance ROHS2.0/CE ROHS2.0/CE
Type of approval Denmark approval Denmark approval
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