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Hammer E120 is a E-bike light featuring an impressive 120 lux together with lastest cut-off line technology. Perfectly with an advanced StVZO-compliant optical lens, the light beam clearly distinguishes the light and shadow parts. The aluminum housing is the guarantee of our perfect product quality and it is a sign of high-end product in the market and the lateral lighting design greatly increases safety for users in the night.
Model name Hammer E120
Light output 120LUX
Light source LED*1
Input voltage (DC)6V-48V
Power consumption 3.7W
Cable length 650mm
Material Aluminium/ABS
Weight 69g
Dimension(WxHxL) 55x43x58mm
Mounting bolt distance N/A
Compliance ROHS 2.0/CE
Type of approval StVZO/ECE
Hammer E120 manual
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